American-style take away serving big and bold American flavours using the finest Australian and American produce.


Owner/Operator Garrett was born in Boston, Massachusetts (north of the Mason Dixon Line) and grew up in Georgia (in the Deep South). Mason Dixon serves sandwiches from the areas where Garrett grew up and draws inspiration from the likes of northern delicatessens and southern roadside BBQ pits.

Mason Dixon American Sandwich Bar Bike Sign
Mason Dixon MD Reuben Sandwich with Dr Pepper, pickle and Pretzels

We are conveniently located  at LG2 Bourke Place, 600 Bourke in the market Hall Food Court-- that's the AMP Building on the corner of King and Bourke!


At Mason Dixon, you can sample sandwiches from both the north and south of the Mason Dixon Line. We serve sandwiches inspired by NY Delis-- like the MD Reuben as well as sandwiches from the deep south-- like Carolina Pulled Pork. You can go even further south and try the Floridian classic: the Cubano--Miami Style. We can also help you create your own sandwich masterpiece.


Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Instagram and our chalk board as we have frequent specials-- sandwiches, salads, pies and value meals.


We're looking forward to making you an awe-inspiring American style lunch- See you soon!